Wolf Wallet


Had this scrap piece of vegetable tanned leather which I figured I would make into a men’s wallet for my brother. When I asked him what design he wanted on it, he said something GoT, something House Stark–like a direwolf.


So based off an image I found online on HBO (no copyright infringement intended!), I sketched this onto the leather using a silver pencil


Then using the pyro tool once again, I etched the lines in deeper and created pointillism shadow effects and whatnot. I originally intended to keep the color natural but my brother wanted it black so I mixed up a dye bath and let it soak for a few hours.


After the leather was dry, I realized I must’ve put in too much dye and not enough alcohol because the dye filled in/ covered up a lot of the subtle shading details (you can’t even see the pointillism shading anymore). It still looked pretty cool, though, so I just made a mental note for future homemade dye baths :))


It also turns out that the leather is too thick for the kind of men’s wallet I had in mind–the one with tons of pockets and credit card slots in it–so I ended up hand-sewing one side closed and it turned into some sort of cash flap. I just told my brother that he can’t carry coins :)) He still loved it though, so there’s that.


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