Triple Wristlet


My mom gave me this blue wallet on the right, mainly because she thinks that it’s one of the kinds of wallets she finds the most useful and practical–one main zipper to 2 compartments and one other zippered compartment inside, and a handy wristlet strap. After using this kind of wallet for several months, I really must agree. The size too is just right for most currencies (I’ve tried it with Philippine Pesos, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, and Euros), and it has enough space for coins, cards, etc.


The only thing it really lacks is a compartment for a mobile phone, although I don’t typically carry my phone inside my wallet. It would be a good version to have too.


Anyway in one of my independent study periods I tried to replicate it so I could give my mom a few more of these handy wallets made of leather. I actually made a purple stingray-print one too but I forgot to take photos of it.


It looks pretty simple but it’s actually a bit complicated to deconstruct and recreate. Once I figured out how to go about it, I think the same technique could be applied to making something like a Céline triple bag (maybe for a future project).


My version (the one on the left) turned out pretty well, although I had the wrong zipper so I couldn’t replicate the wristlet puller and had to make do with a fixed wristlet instead.


Although this was a simple side project, it’s the sort of thing I really kinda enjoy–trying to figure out how something was made (without taking it apart!) and then trying to make my own version of it. It’s what I do with the bag projects that I take on. Since it’s already my last semester, I’m really trying to take on more complicated constructions and bags that have more elements, just so I’m able to tick off more techniques and experience with each project. I’m hoping I get a few free hours to work on a bigger bag making use of this wristlet’s triple-bag technique. Maybe something in animal print or exotic skin?



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