Stingray Backpack

Black stingray print leather backpack, in the schoolgirl/ schoolboy style a la Chanel graffiti backpack. At first I didn’t really understand why Chanel ventured into this style of bag when it seemed so dissonant from the brand’s signature, but after spending months in Europe and seeing flocks of students around the city almost every day (Eastpak is the dominant school backpack), I don’t doubt that there is a huge potential market for them–for students whose allowance (or parents) can afford it.


I figured that it would be a good style to try out and have up my sleeve just in case. I also love this black and white stingray print leather that I was able to buy (I had just enough for this one backpack, and so some mistakes led to the backpack being a bit smaller than its intended size), which hints at edgy without being covered in loud graffiti (I’m not really into giant branding, personally).


I prepared the components individually before sewing it all together, beginning with the front pocket.



Taking shape


Front of the bag completed


And now to attach the back of the bag, which also has the top handle and straps


And finally, the completed backpack.


The backpack is a little on the narrow side, because certain mistakes in allowances led to it becoming narrower than I had planned. Always remember the sewing and folding allowance!


All in all, I do love this bag. It’s surprisingly versatile too; I’ve used it a lot, even in the rain. Although it’s not technically waterproof, the sheen on the leather does protect it somewhat, which is enough most of the time.


I won’t be using it out during typhoon season in Manila, though.



Total project time was about two weeks.



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