Not-So-Little Black Bag

First bag project of 2015. My sister bought (at my convincing) a small leather Longchamp crossbody zip bag that turned out to be quite the perfect casual mini bag for shopping and going to places where large bags aren’t allowed, like in certain museums, etc. I really loved how functional it was, and decided to learn how to make it.


In making the paper pattern, I was already listing mental bullet points for potential problem areas and sewing challenges. Even in clipped-together paper, the bag looked slightly more complicated to make than it initially seemed.




For this bag I’m using this black stamped leather (funnily enough, from Korea) which my sister bought from a local supplier in Manila. We wanted to see how it would perform/hold up against the other Italian leathers I’d been using so far.


It’s a deceptively simple bag, but with a whole truckload of nitty gritty little components


And once again my trusty army of binder clips comes to the rescue


First I put together each of the two bag compartments separately


Then I put one bag inside the other and sew them together (I’m simplifying, of course)


And after a difficult bout of wrestling the bag back inside out, ta-da: the bag.



And then I attach the shoulder straps, the length of which can be adjusted via multiple snap buttons. I hadn’t intended on covering the whole length of the strap with the buttons, but it looked awkward with studs only halfway, so I decided to cover the whole strap with the studs as a design thing instead.



The bag ended up being considerably larger than the original Longchamp I had based it on–more like a camera bag size than a small sling–but after using it, I’ve found the size to be quite perfect for everyday use, and I think for travel as well.


If you’re used to bringing large bags with tons of your junk in it (and not the dainty little party bags that can only fit some tissue and money), then–like me–you’ll probably appreciate the size and practicality of this bag haha






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