Sling Wallet

I wanted to make my own version of a “chain wallet” / sling wallet, which I thought would be quite efficient because it allows me to tackle two types of bags in one go (a wallet and a sling bag).


Since I’m not usually a small-bag kind of person, I couldn’t make the sling have just one compartment for a wallet. I definitely planned it out so that there would a second compartment for phones, tissue, earphones, and whatnot.


For the bag exterior, I used this saffiano-like leather (which, funnily enough, is from Korea or something. Not Italy.)


I had originally planned on making the bag entirely out of this semi-damaged exotic skin, but the skin was curling too much to be used for large pieces, so I had to settle for using them on pockets and slots instead.


Card slots! And I ended up using this thin black calf leather for the interior lining


So as not to waste the pieces I had already cut, I also used some of the exotic skin for some decorative stripes on the exterior


This bag was supposed to be entirely machine-sewn, but because I had a free weekend and an itch to hand-stitch (rhyme not intended), I ended up sewing the rest of the bag by hand.


In order for both sides to match (to have all the elements of exotic skin, saffiano leather, black leather, and yellow contrast stitching), I had the idea to use some scrap black calf leather to make a kooky face on one side of the bag, with contrast yellow stitching to create the lips and outlines.


The bag’s “serious” side, with a twist clasp closure


And flipped over, the bag’s “fun” side, aka the wallet side.


Wallet interior. Wallet side has zip closure with two pullers so it can be locked.



The completed sling wallet.



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