Blue Stripe

My sister’s birthday was coming up, and since she liked my first handmade box bag, I decided to make her one for her birthday, with slight design changes of course.


First I cut and dyed the leather. My little dyeing station/ cutting room is kind of makeshift-y, but alas–that’s studio apartment livin’ for ya. I had actually planned on dyeing the whole bag blue, but I underestimated just how much dye is needed, so I ended up having just enough for the sides and the middle stripe.


Since I now have a stash of fun-colored thread from my recent hoarding spree, I thought it would be cute to have contrast stitching for this bag. This bright, rich orange color worked best with both the blue and the camel leather.



Hours pass this way.


And finally, the completed box bag. I used a different clasp than the first box bag, as well as a slightly thinner leather. Although it functions fine, I think I prefer the thicker leather used with the first one, since it held its shape better and just felt sturdier to me overall.


But since this is a small shoulder bag and not a giant weekender, this thinner leather should do just fine.


I also cut out a groove into the leather so the stitches would “sit” in it. The effect is quite interesting too. It doesn’t have the same ‘slant’ as my usual stitch.


Detachable, adjustable shoulder straps too, of course.




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