Double Box Bag


I found myself on a sort of box bag streak, so for this third one (this one is the first, and this one is the second) I wanted to add a second compartment as well as a pocket or two, inspired by the Céline box bag, but done entirely by hand (Céline’s is machine-sewn, at least based on my inspection haha) and using vegetable tanned leather.


And also in continuing with my alternating-colored-thread style, I decided to make the bag a classic black, but add a subtle fun element with alternating red and teal thread.


The construction, in theory, is not too difficult, but putting the bag together IRL was a wrestling match with the leather. I’ve only got two hands and it felt like I needed at least one more to hold things together while I sewed things in place. I decided against using glue (which functions as the third hand) in order to improve the flap’s foldover-ability (I don’t know what it’s really called), as well as to be able to include an additional pocket in between the two pieces of leather.


I really liked the effect of the blue and red on the black. I chose blue and red because I meant for this to be an everyday-able sort of bag, and the pops of color should be versatile enough to match a lot of things.


The completed double box bag:


Open, it looks like a cartoon monster, doesn’t it? Haha


Finished with this gold buckle, as well as detachable adjustable shoulder strap (like the Céline box bag, removing the strap allows this to be used as a clutch. Although my bag came out a tad too large to be a comfy clutch)



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