Black Box Bag


Another box bag, with improvements in tow. Tried out some new techniques and ideas in the finishing and I think it turned out well. Part of the bag has alternating blue and teal stitches, and the other part, tangerine and teal. I spent quite a bit of time on finishing the edges, cutting and layering carefully in order to have that nice, glossy, and clean finish. It’s become quite the practical everyday bag, if you don’t need to bring too much stuff. 100% hand cut and hand stitched, using Italian vegetable tanned leather.


On a whim (and as part of product development) I took a leaf out of the “micro bag” trend and made a micro version of this box bag. If you’ve always wondered why those tiny bags cost so much (sometimes even more than its larger counterparts), it’s because it takes just as much work to make it, sometimes even more because of the extra care and attention-to-detail needed when working with such tiny parts. Also 100% hand cut and hand stitched Italian vegetable tanned leather.


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