Burgundy Leather Messenger Bag

ooI really shouldn’t be buying any more leather–I’ve got a crap-ton of stuff that I’m having a hard time bringing home as it is–but I couldn’t resist trying out this burgundy/oxblood-ish piece of Italian vegetable tanned leather when I set my steely gaze on it in store.


Since this piece of leather isn’t as thick as what I usually get, it has a bit more flexibility which I figured would work well for a slightly larger version of the box bag. 2 and a half days or so of adrenaline-fueled work later, and ta-da, another box bag. Someone in my class actually jokingly commented to me that I seem to be working faster than a Chinese factory, at the rate of bags I was producing. Which is funny, because I am Chinese. But really, I don’t feel my pace is fast at all–or maybe my sense of time is warped because I work while binge-watching stuff. Whatever works.


I really like the white edges against the dark red, although seriously, white edges are a PAIN. Every drip or spatter is a stain that is pretty much permanent.

To go with the white and red, I unintentionally went patriotic and used blue thread and a gold clasp (hello Philippine flag colors).


When we start producing this bag for sale, I’ll probably make this back pocket larger just for practical purposes. For now I use it to store my bus pass, so a tiny pocket is just right.


Italian vegetable tanned leather in burgundy


Alternating teal and sky blue stitches


And as per all my other box bags, 100% cut and sewn by hand.


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