Lunchbox Bag


I wanted to make myself a roomier box bag for travel, one that would be big enough for all my stuff but would be presentable at restaurants and the like. I started out constructing this in very much the same way as my original box bag, but when it came time to attach the flap, I decided to turn it the other way and position it higher up, making the bag taller and well, more lunchbox-looking. I ended up loving this shape, just because it’s somewhere between my old box bag design and a not-so-serious lady bag, and it really allowed me to put a lot more stuff in it than if I had made the flap lower.


I used this on a three-week Europe trip last March/April and it traveled quite well, surviving being put on the floor, getting knocked around (sorry to the people I may have accidentally bag-checked with this!), and even getting rained on. I used it everywhere–to the gardens, the zoo, at fancy restaurants, going to museums (which are usually quite strict with bulky bags, but they never asked me to check mine in like they would a backpack), and everywhere else in between. It’s a pretty well-rounded bag overall.

As with most bags made of 2.5-3mm thick vegtan leather, the main issue is really the weight, which can begin to put some strain on one’s shoulders if you’re walking around with a bag full of stuff all day (mind you, I had an umbrella, bottle of water, medical kit, hand sanitizers, wallets, passports, notebook, pens, pocket Lysol, snacks, a foldable grocery bag, and more in there–so it was already going to be heavy to begin with). But if you think about the weight-to-toughness ratio, and considering all the pros of the bag and of this leather, I really don’t mind the weight that much at all. Women have been carrying heavy, giant bags for years, and maybe that’s why we’re all the stronger for it? :))


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