Red Chain Sling

Used some leftover burgundy vegetable-tanned leather from this project to make a little sling bag with contrast stitching. I didn’t have enough to make a proper “lip” (that small rectangular strip of leather used to help pull the closure of the bag toward the flap in order to close the bag), so it looks just a bit awkward, but all in all I really loved working with this red vegtan leather.


I also wanted to use this heavy brass chain that I bought months and months ago (for a different project that I didn’t end up making), which is perfect for a smaller bag because I think the weight of the brass would make an already weighty large bag too difficult to carry. The size of this bag, similar to the black micro box bag I made last year, is actually a pretty good size for an event/evening/party bag, with just enough space for essentials.


I also kind of love the uneven coloring on the leather. It may have been a mistake on the tannery’s part, but to me it makes the leather look so much cooler, almost like a pattern on the leather that gives it more depth and interest. Maybe that’s just me, but yes to these kinds of beautiful imperfections!




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