The Perfect Tote 1.0


The first product we began to develop was our version of the perfect structured tote. Vegetable tanned leather, particularly the original Tuscan made ones which is what we sourced for Quiddity, is perfectly suited to the task because of its thickness, toughness, and beautiful qualities like that amazing leather smell, and the gorgeous patina it will naturally develop over time.


We did both a N/S and E/W version, in the signature Quiddity alternating thread style. We also had the idea to make the straps adjustable via these brass gemini buttons, which would allow you to convert the bag from a crook-of-the-arm bag to a shoulder bag


For the E/W version, we tried fixed double straps, just to see how practical it would be compared to the gemini buttons


Initially, I liked the double strap idea better just because it would save you the time of having to adjust the straps–both versions of the strap (crook-of-the-arm and shoulder-able) would already be ready to use at any given time–but seeing it made, I became a bit wary about whether or not the straps would compromise the practicality of the bag. Since the long straps would need to be tucked into the bag while the short handles were in use, I wondered whether the straps would get in the way of stuff put in the bag, or in the way of getting stuff out of the bag


My sister actually brought this bag with her to Japan (so she was the one who put it through its first rigorous test), because it was large enough to fit her Canon 6D + extra lens, along with all her travel documents, water bottle, etc. Turns out, the double strap idea wasn’t that much of a hindrance at all. She actually found it quite practical to have the 2 strap options, and the bag protected her camera nicely too. (I’m still debating about the look of it, though. I would have wanted it to look a bit sleeker, less hardware showing.)


We also took this opportunity to try out our Italian-handmade brass stamps. The logo is a bit big to be placed here (I myself prefer more subtle placement), so I’m still working out where best to stamp it.


All in all, our first prototypes were promising, and we ended up with 2 structured totes that are great to use and are already beginning to patina nicely. The sizes of the bags are a bit too large for most people, though–especially those shorter/more petite than we are! :))


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