In the course of my mad prototyping, I experimented with different sizes, widths, etc. I then thought–why make it so complicated (having options for N/S, E/W, etc.), when I can just try to make one that has a little bit of everything? Thus this two-faced-tote idea was born. We liked the idea of having 2 faces so you could use it as a black bag or a brown bag, while having a nifty middle divider for added organization. We also made the shape somewhere in between the old shapes, a little more square than rectangular, taking note from popular designer tote bag sizes and shapes (a la Sac du Jour, Birkin, Boston bag, etc.)


There’s definitely a lot more edits to make (some of which I only realized while in the middle of making it already), but I think this is quite promising. We’re getting pretty close to the final final design for Quiddity’s first bag, I think.


I did a large tote size, as well as a crossbody size, but I think an open style tote is a bit useless as a crossbody, since I think that a crossbody needs a flap or some sort of closure for security. But they’re both so cute, though :))


Feedback on the large tote has been positive, although people feel it’s a bit too wide (again, they’re petite–for my sister and me, the size and width are perfect for our height haha)


A few more edits. Now back to work.





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