Headphones Reupholstering


An unusual project for me–reupholstering my brother’s AKG headphones which, despite the steep price, inexplicably used pleather on the ear cushion part (no idea what it’s technically called). PLEATHER SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR ANYTHING, SERIOUSLY. Pleather/leatherette is my least favourite material out there because it doesn’t last (it cracks and tears and flakes like crazy), and if you’re really against leather or want to use something that isn’t leather, go for canvas or another textile or material instead of a fake leather. Pleather isn’t that cheap either, and you need to put in the same amount of work as you would with real leather, so why someone would use pleather or leather is beyond me. /rant


Only a few days/weeks of using it resulted in the pleather being torn and revealing the bright blue sponge underneath. It would have cost around 1,500PHP (roughly 38-40USD) to replace it with velour at the store where he bought it. But once I looked more closely at it, I had a feeling that I could do the upholstering with some old Parisian leather leftovers (side cuts and odds and ends) that I had in the workshop. So he agreed to let me try it out.

I basically ripped it open from where the torn part was, then carefully looked at how it was put together so I knew what pieces I had to cut and prepare. I measured the pleather pieces and added extra allowance because my leather was a bit thicker than the pleather used, then cut the pieces from the leather I wanted to use–a nice, soft, burgundy one with a slight sheen/protective coat.


I sewed the pieces together where the seam was necessary, then turned it inside out and hammered it flat.


2 pieces were necessary because the larger top one would cover the sponge, while the smaller one beneath would attach to the actual headphone


This is what the layers look like from the side:


Bottom layer is the black screen thing that filters sound, to which the bottom red leather piece would attach, then the blue sponge in between the 2 leather layers, then the top layer which would wrap around the sponge and be inserted back into the headphone


It was a bit of a challenge to insert the leather. I had to skive and attach a second layer of vegetable tanned leather in order to make the leather thick enough to stay put once inserted, then I used a mini flathead screwdriver to push the leather into the slats


One side done. And now the other one.


The finished reupholstering. I cut the leather quite large so there’s a bit of unintentional pleating, but my brother likes how vintage-y it looks and how it looks more expensive than the original hahaha




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