Simple Men’s Clutch/ Envelope Bag

I had a bit of leftover 2mm leather at one point, and decided to make a simple man “clutch” for my dad (who doesn’t like bringing a bag for his day-to-day errands and whatnot and has been, for the past few years, using a makeshift woven clutch I’d made for him pre-Italy)


This style, although very minimal, is one I really like because it showcases the vegetable tanned leather really well and isn’t too frou-frou-ey, which is perfect for a traditionalist like my dad (and I’m sure, many other guys out there)


I later on added a garter wraparound closure at my dad’s request, but I would never mix garter with this gorgeous leather if it were up to me! :)) When you’re working with a beautiful piece of leather such as this, sometimes it’s best not to muck it up with too much design. Personally I love it this simple, with our signature black-and-brown alternate stitch ❤



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