East/West Atlas Carryall XL Tote


About 8 months since I made these totes, and they’ve developed a gorgeous golden patina. I couldn’t resist, when I needed some product shots for our website (which we’ve just launched this December), to make use of the rundown corners of the apartment we’re working in and apply some moody vibes to these photos. All shot with an iPhone 6 and edited a bit with Instagram.



We thought the name Atlas was perfect for this tote because you can literally carry the world on your shoulders, just like the famed titan (you need some godlike strength to lug it around too). But in Manila especially, there aren’t really other brands that make the same kind of structured tote, one that can stand on its own without having all your stuff tumble out! And best of all, because of its shape and the thickness of the leather, you always look put-together and polished, even if the inside is a mess (just as IRL).





I’m also really digging these somewhat retro vibes (the apartment was built in the early 80s after all), which–oddly enough–is very on trend these days :))



I mean, THAT COLOR. ❤




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