Genevieve Go is a freelance visual artist and Florence-trained leather bag maker. She and her sister have their own leather goods brand, Quiddity.

Here, she shares behind-the-scenes and WIP photos of her own leather and bag projects, as well as detailed reviews of various tools of the trade, as well as brutally honest reviews of leather bags from other brands, from the unique perspective of a meticulous bag maker.


For inquiries, partnerships, review requests, etc.: mail.genevievego@gmail.com


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    • Hi! There are basic lessons available in places like Craft MNL, 10a Alabama, or if you are able to find someone in Marikina to teach you than that could also work. I’m not sure though up to what level of learning would be available here (which is why I searched outside of the PH), but if you want to learn something enough, there are always resources available locally and especially online to help you. For bag making that isn’t necessarily leather, I took some short courses in FIP. Hope that helps!


  1. Hi Gen can you recommend some very good quality bags that are worth the price please. A lot of designer bags which claim to be made in Italy are outrageously expensive. I don’t mind paying for quality , but not for a brand name that is poorly made.


    • Hi Gaby! Surely–

      Not to be too much of a narcissist, but I myself have a handbag brand – Quiddity :)) I do hope you’ll check it out, even just to browse 🙂 (the projects I post and work on here are all for Quiddity) We’re priced in the affordable luxury segment (like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Furla) but our quality is definitely worth a lot more! OK end of shameless plug. I inspect a lot of bags and some that have met my price-quality approval are: Tod’s, Furla, Rabeanco, Longchamp (although Longchamp tends to over-price their non-Le-Pliage bags). These are all machine-sewn and not always made in Italy but given their mid-range price point, it’s proportionate. Kate Spade and Michael Kors are affordable and made well enough as well BUT are super ubiquitous–there’s a much higher chance of running into someone with the same bag! Longchamp is also ubiquitous but it’s practical and not very logo-brand-y so it’s acceptable. It’s also worth checking small boutique or indie brands (like mine) because they are less likely to have scrimped on the materials and quality, but of course just make sure to inquire about them and inspect their bags! There are a lot of hidden gems out there. Overpriced/sub-par quality bags to avoid: Balenciaga city bag, Ferragamo bags made in the last few years, BOYY bags, Mansur Gavriel bags. Hope this helps! Happy shopping.


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