Baseball Stitch

Late into my school year, I had the idea to make my mom a cylindrical sunglasses case made of vegetable tanned leather. Since it’s a small leather item, I used a 2mm thick pelt instead of usual 2.8-3mm ones that I use for bags. It was double-layered, too, so it was just structured enough to protect the glasses that would be inside.


My teacher Stefano suggested that I try a decorative (and practical) baseball stitch, which I really liked because of the chevron-like pattern the stitches create.


Like tying up a mini corset, or a leather jerkin


I put 2 layers so that the cap would close nicely onto the body


I also did it with alternating colors, which has sorta become Quiddity’s signature


Attaching the top and base–Whenever I do circumference calculations on cylindrical constructions, I get so annoyed that the measurements are always off because they don’t take into consideration the thickness of the leather. I always end up with too big or too small of a circle. Any mathematicians out there who can help refine the equation? :))


In the end, the cylinder is quite cool. My mom says it’s too big for her sunglasses, but my sister did find another use for it–somehow it’s the exact size of one of her Canon lenses! :))


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